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Dawliz hotel, Rabat

Hotel Le Dawliz is just 5 minutes away from the city center and the international airport of Rabat. Hotel Le Dawliz is located on the right bank of River Bouregreg, thereby offering panoramic views of the city of Rabat. The spectacular view of the two main monuments of the city, Mohammed V mausoleum and Hassan Tower, looks exceptionally beautiful from here. Hotel Le Dawliz features 45 intimate rooms with all the necessary facilities. Hotel Le Dawliz, Rabat presents distinct lodging facility that brings you close to the heart of Morocco. Le Dawliz strives to maintain high standards of quality in its large hotel bringing together modern accommodation facility with the tradition of local culture. Our accommodations are the best available in the region, offering all the basic amenities required. The rooms at Le Dawliz are quite large with huge and clean bathrooms. Our ground floor rooms usually open onto a lovely patio garden, whereas most of the top floor rooms have balconies. Some of the rooms even open onto the unheated swimming pool.

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- City of Rabat, in the touristic area of Rabat, Morocco.

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45 rooms

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