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Rabat - Morocco

Rabat is the political and administrative capital of Morocco. Compared to Casablanca, it is more like Washington, D.C. is to New York: wiser, calmer.
The city is a spacious, pleasant cosmopolitan. The large blossoming avenues with bordering palm trees provide a massive royal palace. This peaceful haven is nestled in the middle of a very active city, that is rapidly headed towards modernization. Everything appears cleaner and more organized. The large modern city runs along the immense ramparts. It is the 4th imperial city and possesses a rich history. The city was founded in 1150. The sultan Abd al-Moumin built a citadel. Some very long ramparts were constructed and are currently trademarks for the city. The architecture is military: in fact, its location is the border that must be crossed between the northern and southern parts of the country.
At the beginning of the XVIth century, some Andalusian refugees arrived in masses, creating a dynamic surplus.
In 1912, Lyautey made Rabat the capital of the French protectorate.
During the course of the XXth century, the city was forced to compete with Casablanca at the peak of economic growth.
The cherry on the sundae is that this city experiences an exceptional climate (the temperature oscillates between 6 to 30°C). During the summer, a veil of mist vaporized by the ocean gently softens the luminosity of the sun.

It's worth seeing...

The defensive walls: that are more than 5 km long and are a beautiful red-earth color.
The Medina: is very authentic and gives priority to the local products and food commodities. Visit the clothing, rug and hand-crafted stores. Taste the honey, almonds or chocolate nougat... a mouth-filled pleasure.
The modern city: runs parallel to the Medina with beautiful shaded avenues and embellished with fountains.
The Kasbah of the Udayas: lose yourself in its maze of alleys bordered by small white (that are symbols of unity) and blue (evoking the sea) houses. The Grand Port is impressionable.
Hassan Tower: this minaret dates back to the XIIth century and has remained incomplete.
The Mausoleum of Mohammed V: is a place of luxury and elegance. King Hassan II and his brother, Moulay Abdallah, are resting there. This mausoleum contains noble possessions, such as mahogany wood, cedar from Libya, white onyx, leaf gilding...
The royal palace: take a very nice stroll by the mechouar (large esplanades).
Chellah Necropolis: is an enchanting site for pastoral and romantic walks. Enthusiasts that admire old stones and keen aspects of history will be content with this adventure.

The surrounding area...

The countries of Zemmour-Zaer and Zaiane: these outdated countries are often neglected, even though they offer beautiful countrysides. As a matter of fact, they have some of the three aforementioned earth tribes. This journey will take you into some rural areas, some mountainous areas and back again. These extremely diverse countries follow one another: stony mountains, round brick-red, grey and earth-toned hills, bouquets of cork oak and holm oak,... Allowing the serenity to be found in listening to birds, crickets, and mules from a distance.
The Lalla Haya Source: a plateau rooted by the cork oak and holm oak and intersected by an unexpected fault. The channeling point is at the tip of an impressionable granite surface. Thermal showers and bathes are possible here. And here lies the origin of your Oulmes table water that is naturally sparkling and has an excellent composition.
Riding mules: allows for superb perspective and they do not move slowly on steep paths or during your mounting. If you suffer from vertigo... be careful.

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